Thousands of injection bottles are waiting to be cleaned a day, how to solve it?

+ First congratulations

Qingdao Spring Pharmaceutical Machinery Fair

Successfully concluded!

Hangzhou Xipingzhe Instruments Technology Co.,Ltd  is very honored to meet many customers. In the Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition, we learned more about the demands of many customers, and the customers also got to know XPZ, learned laboratory glassware washer.

In this exhibition, many customers mentioned that they had a headache when cleaning the injection vials, and they were very concerned about the cleaning ability of the glassware washer for the injection vials. XPZ company will take everyone to learn about the cleaning of the injection vials.

Traditional cleaning method

Option One:

1. Pour the test solution in the dry bottle

2. All are immersed in 95% alcohol, ultrasonically washed twice and then poured dry, because the alcohol easily enters the 1.5mL vial and can be miscible with most organic solvents to achieve the cleaning effect.

3. Pour in clean water, and ultrasonically wash twice.

4. Pour the lotion in the dry bottle and bake at 110 degrees Celsius for 1 to 2 hours. Never bake at high temperature.

5. Cool and save.

Option Two:

1. Rinse with tap water several times

2. Put it into a beaker filled with pure water (Millipore water machine) and sonicate for 15 minutes

3. Change the water and sonicate for 15 minutes

4. Soak in a beaker filled with anhydrous ethanol
5. Finally, take it out and let it air dry.

Thousands of injection1520

The above method is not difficult to find the following drawbacks:
1. The amount of single cleaning is not large;
2. A single cleaning takes a long time;
3 Many methods are used when cleaning, and the cleaning process is more complicated.
In response to the above issues, XPZ have customized a cleaning module for the injection vials. Let’s take a look at it below. (The following pictures are all real shots)
01Customized basket
Thousands of injection1954
The customized injection vials module can clean hundreds or thousands of injection vials in one time, realizing mass cleaning. Solve the problem of small manual cleaning single cleaning quantity.

02 Customized guard claws
Thousands of injection2180
The customized guard claw perfectly meets the specifications of the injection vials. While ensuring that it is not washed out during cleaning, it greatly improves the speed of the operator to place the vials .

03 Diversified cleaning modes

Thousands of injection2425

Automatic glassware washer contains 35pcs programs and hundreds of custom programs to achieve one-button cleaning, and a single cleaning plus drying is less than 1.5 hours. While solving the time-consuming manual cleaning, the cleaning program is optimized and simplified.

04 Make an appointment for a test wash

Welcome to send us email ( )for discussing more details. Wecome to send us glasswares for test wash.

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